Detail Itinerary

• Banteay Samre: is located 400 meters (1,312 miles) east of the East Baray. It can be accessed by enter and leave Banteay Samre from the east.

• Banteay Srey:  37 km north of Angkor Wat. This red coloured temple is well known for its intricate carvings, and is worth a half day trip on its own, since it is a bit further from Siem Reap than the main Angkor Thom and Angkor Wat areas. Car and motorcycle drivers will charge a bit extra ($10 USD) to take you to the temple.

• Kbal Spean: 5 km north of Banteay Srey. After the man-made monuments of the temples, it can be nice to get back to nature for a while. Also known as the site of 1000 Lingas, the numerous submerged carvings on the Rocky River bed may fall short of that number, but it makes for a pleasant walk along the river to a small but attractive waterfall. Don't expect a big temple at the top, just some unlabelled carvings. The 1.5km walk through rain forest past, precariously perched boulders and creeping vines is not too hard but requires a modicum of fitness and care, especially if wet weather has made the steeper sections slippery. Drier weather means less water and easier viewing of the carvings. Best combined with a trip out to Banteay Srey.

Price: Car: 55$, Van: 60$, Tuk Tuk: 25$ Free cool water, and cool towel.
Package Title: One Day to Outlying temples
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